Upcoming Events & Appearances

  • 1/10/2018 - 4/9/2018, General Assembly in Session, Annapolis

  • 2/12/2018, Oyster Advisory Commission Meeting, Annapolis, 6pm

  • 2/20/2018, Red Scarf Day, Annapolis

  • 2/24/2018, TOWN HALL MEETING, Bay District Volunteer Fire Dept (Shangri-La Station), Lexington Park, 10am

  • 2/24/2018, Little Flower School Annual Benefit Auction, Great Mills, 5:00pm

  • 2/25/2018, Ridge Volunteer Rescue Squad Breakfast, Knights of Columbus Hall, Ridge, 9am

  • 2/26/2018, Republican Women of St Mary's Meeting, Front Porch Restaurant, Leonardtown, 11am

  • 3/6/2018, Gun Bill Day, House Judiciary Committee room, Annapolis

  • 3/11/2018, 2nd District Vol Fire Dept & Rescue Squad Community Breakfast, Valley Lee Firehouse, 9am

  • 3/11/2018, Knights of Columbus Chicken Dinner, Ridge, 11:30am - 5pm

  • 3/24/2018, Maryland Day Celebration, St Mary's City, 10am

  • 3/31/2018, TOWN HALL MEETING, Ridge Volunteer Fire Dept, 10am

To the people of District 29B, thank you so much for electing me to represent you in the Maryland House of Delegates. I'm honored to have the opportunity to serve you!

The 2018 legislative session has begun, and I'm excited to be back in Annapolis fighting for your interests. Here is my pledge to you: I will:

  • Continue being YOUR voice in Annapolis

  • Fight to decrease OUR tax burden

  • Strive to restore OUR property rights as individual citizens, land owners, and small businesses

  • Champion economic policies that boost the prosperity of OUR entire community

  • Defend OUR first and second Amendment Rights and support the US Constitution

  • Work to effectively protect and manage OUR national resources

Thank you for your continued prayers and support! Please feel free to send me your ideas, and contact me if you need help resolving problems at the state level.

Deb Rey

Delegate, District 29B

District 29B

Donations prohibited while General Assembly is in session