Gun Rights

My Beliefs

  • The right to own firearms is essential to maintaining our ability to defend ourselves and our loved ones

  • Maryland law overly restricts law-abiding citizens’ second amendment rights

  • Violent crime rates decrease where law abiding citizens carry firearms

  • Gun owners have the moral responsibility to safely use and store their firearms

My Accomplishments

  • Recognized as the lead gun rights advocate in House of Delegates

    • Advised other lawmakers on firearms legislation

    • Set legislative strategies to protect law-abiding gun owners’ rights

    • Sponsored bills to create carry permit reciprocity with neighboring states and reduce handgun licensing requirements for veterans

  • Defeated attempt to outlaw possession of magazines with greater than 10-round capacity

  • Educated constituents on current gun laws

My Plans

  • Work with all sides to devise a way to preserve gun owners’ rights while keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill

  • Change carry permit laws to:

    • Expedite approval for domestic abuse victims

    • Eliminate the arbitrary “good and substantial reason” requirement

    • Allow applicants to delay taking expensive training until after they receive preliminary permit approval

  • Continue fighting infringement of second amendment rights