A strong education system is the key to Marylandís future prosperity, and the state is known for having some of the best schools in the county. This accomplishment is being threatened, however, by the stateís rush to adopt the Common Core educational standards without insuring they are at least as rigorous as the standards they replaced. Common Core also decreases the control citizens have over their childrenís education through their local school boards, and school districts are being forced to make expensive curriculum and technology changes to adapt to the unproven standards. In addition, in spite of the vast sums of money the state devotes to education, many Marylanders still donít have access to a good public education and canít afford private schools. Finally, teachers are being unfairly burdened by rules that tie their performance evaluations to their studentsí standardized test scores even though test scores are driven by many factors outside the teachersí control.

My Plan

  • Withdraw from the Common Core standards unless and until the standards are shown to be an improvement over the previous standards

  • Encourage choice in education by establishing tax credits for parents who wish to send their children to private schools

  • Eliminate rules that tie teacher performance directly to student performance

  • Return control of curriculum and funding decisions to county and local governments to the maximum extent possible