Gas Tax

In 2013, the General Assembly passed a bill adding 2 additional taxes to this one commodity. The three taxes include an excise tax, a sales tax, and a tax tied to the Consumer Price Index (CPI), a measure of inflation. This means the tax will automatically increase without any action from Annapolis!

According to, there is a 25-30 cent-per-gallon difference between the two sides of the Nice Bridge; this equates to $2.50 - $6.00 difference per refueling! (Data taken from 1/25/14)

Maryland Gas Prices provided by
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Major Concerns About the Gas Tax

  • There are three taxes on one product
  • For the first time in Maryland’s history, a tax is tied to Consumer Price Index and the tax will increase automatically
    • There is no need for additional action taken from the Maryland Assembly to raise taxes – thus they are not held accountable when taxes increase
  • The tax will not be used to improve roads or bridge instead it will be siphoned off to pay for commuter projects
    • Per the Department of Legislative Services, motorists contribute 56% to Transportation Trust Fund (TTF)
    • 57% of Transportation Trust Fund is spent on mass transit, and only 9% of commuters use the systems.
  • The Governor will continue to “borrow” funds from the Transportation Trust Fund to spend on non-transportation issues and to balance the budget. $868 million has been borrowed from Transportation Trust Fund and has never been repaid.
My Solution:
  • Repeal the Gas Tax passed in 2013
  • Reprioritize the State’s transportation projects to reflect the interests of the motorists who pay the taxes
  • Fight for adequate funding to improve the sources of congestion in St. Mary’s County
  • Improve the oversight of the MDOT
  • Reduce mass transit subsidies
  • Decrease greenhouse gas emission reduction requirements