Property Rights

The right to own and manage our own property is one of the foundations of American society. Unfortunately, Marylandersí property rights are being steadily eroded by our state governmentís restrictive anti-growth and environmental policies. Homeowners wanting to make even simple improvements to their property face painful permitting processes and expensive mitigation efforts. Many are also forced to pay thousands of dollars to hook up to public water and sewer systems they donít want or need. Farmers are severely limited in how they can develop their land. Business owners are denied permission to expand their businesses or open new ones, keeping much-needed jobs from our citizens. While we need to protect the environment and manage growth, those needs must be balanced with the rights of property owners. Sadly, Maryland isnít maintaining this balance. We need to reverse the excesses of state government and restore Marylandersí property rights.

My Plan

  • Repeal or change laws and policies that infringe upon Marylandersí property rights

  • Require state and local agencies to advise Marylanders how to improve their properties rather than just denying permitting requests

  • Team with private organizations to accomplish land preservation goals through voluntary means instead mandating restrictive taxpayer-funded policies

  • Push back against Federal laws and regulations that impose undue burdens on Maryland property owners