Property Rights

My Beliefs

  • The right to own and manage our own property is one of the foundations of American society

  • Marylandersí property rights are being steadily eroded by our state governmentís restrictive policies that severely limit what people can do on their own land

  • We need to reverse the excesses of government and restore balance between Marylandersí property rights and protecting the environment

My Accomplishments

  • Worked with METCOM to stop forcing homeowners to hook up to sewer and water systems

  • Intervened with state agencies to resolve numerous problems property owner were having with government regulators

  • Drove passage of new Agritourism law giving farmers more flexibility in using their land--increased economic opportunity while preserving St Mary's rural nature

  • Fought to minimize imminent domain seizures of private land for public projects

My Plans

  • Fight "Best Available Technology" mandates that would force rural homeowners to install expensive new septic systems

  • Continue to fight efforts to restrict how landowners can use their property

  • Improve aquaculture permitting process to ensure proper balance between providing opportunity to aquaculture farmer while preserving shoreline property owners' rights