My Beliefs

  • With one of the highest tax burdens in the nation1, Marylanders are grossly over-taxed

  • Our high taxes are driving hard-working people out of Maryland

  • Lowering taxes will spur the economy, which will:

    • Reduce peopleís dependence on government

    • Attract more businesses and high-paying jobs to the state

    • Increase tax revenue

My Accomplishments

  • Fought numerous bills that would increase government spending and drive higher taxes

  • Sponsored legislation to eliminate automatic gas tax increases

  • Doubled the oyster shell recycling tax credit

  • Co-sponsored legislation to eliminate taxes on military retirement pay

My Plans

  • Oppose new taxes and reduce existing taxes whenever possible

  • Fight to eliminate Marylandís death tax

  • Champion the elimination of taxes on all retirement income

  • Work with county commissioners to lower county taxes

1 - Kiplinger's 10 Least Tax Friendly States